January 2016 started off with a great little booster for go-pak, Group Director Steven Lawley donated one million sip stir straws to Worle Village Primary School to aid education and give the children an understanding and visualisation of what one million looks like in a physical form. Philippa Densley, a staff member wrote to us to express her gratitude saying how the student “have thoroughly enjoyed it and it is something that will remain with them.”

Go-pak’s involvement in this school project has also stimulated other activity groups in the school from pre-school to brownies to get involved in the sight. The extent of our involvement has now continued to aid learning in other projects around the school such as Volcano building as part of an extreme weather project and also to illustrate in school assembly how one person on their own has little impact but together we can more mountains!

From this, the straws are now being donated to other schools in the local area to inspire learning of all ages. Supplying these straws has meat giving back to the community for go-pak and having a positive impact on learning, giving kids the option to understand what they are being taught in a visual and exciting way.

Below are a few of the thank you notes we have received from some student at the school outlining how much this opportunity has helped them learn exactly what one million really looks like.

How often can you say you get to see a million of anything?

Go-pak are looking forward to future involvement in projects such as this.