PE Lined paper cups & Simply Cups


Our core manufacturing partner and UK-exclusive supplier of paper cups is FSC certified, sourcing only virgin food grade paperboard from sustainably managed forests.  The paperboard is coated with a PE lining to produce a leak resistant material that; at the manufacturing facility, is die cut, warped and glued in a forming process that consistently creates premium quality cups. As part of our quality management program our cups are printed with batch information enabling us to trace them fully with precision.


Our diverse range of PE lined paper cups come in a variety of styles and sizes, from our popular ripple cups offering triple wall heat insulation, through our matt or gloss double wall offering and single wall selection. Across all ranges we offer a bespoke printing service, giving independent coffee and food outlets the opportunity to create and establish visual brand awareness. Our high-quality print finish enables our customers to leave a lasting impression; adding value to their product and improving sales.


Single life paper cup disposal is a topic that’s recently gained political attention following Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s ‘War on Waste’ campaign; which ignited the concerns of an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer market. At present the recycling destinations of typical UK council collections are unable to process PE lined paper, despite it being a recyclable material.

At Go-Pak UK Ltd., we fully acknowledge our obligations as a manufacturer and distributor of disposable packaging products. That’s why we’re a proud member and supporter of the Simply Cups Scheme, the UK’s only collection service dedicated explicitly to disposable cups.

Simply Cups offer a closed-loop recycling system in which they collect, bale and distribute used cups to companies who are able to process the PE lined paper, in order to create material for second life products.

To find out more about Simply Cups, please visit their website here.