go-pak® In The Community

As a leading business we know we have the ability to make a big change in our community.

Health, Safety & Environment

go-pak® are always conscious of their impact on the environment from the manufacturing of our products right through to the end user. We has built links with developing companies who know best when it comes to the management of waste. Our aim is to be able to educated our customers in a way that will encourage them to recycling and dispose of their waste in the right way.

Simply Cups

We have recently made links with Simply cups, a company that manage wasted in a closed loop cycle.  TV Show “Hugh on Waste” outlined the topic regarding the PE lining inside all paper cups across the nation and how it needs o be extracted from the virgin food grade paper board outer wall. Simply cups have the perfect solution that recycles the whole cup including the PE lining, without having to extract the plastic inner.

PE lined cup recyclability

go-pak® have signed up for membership with Simply cups, simply cups provide a collection service for all non recyclable paper cups.

  • Due to the PE lining on the inside of all paper cups they cant be placed in mixed recycling bins.
  • Simply cups offer a close loop recycling service where they can turn the whole cup into a resin pulp.
  • The pulp from the reprocessing factory is recycled into products such as tables, chairs, pens and pencils.
  • The cost effective collection service means that on average you can save 47% on waste collection (Members of this scheme can schedule in collections for £1.50 per Bag) as opposed to disposal via landfill or incineration and environmental performance significantly improved – all cups are recycled in the UK.

Our Values

Experts in Supply Chain Management

  • Our experience in freight forwarding and expertise in overall supply chain management guarantee that we will provide the most efficient, cost-effective way of delivering our products to our customers. We offer full support, from new product development through to production and shipping of finished goods to any worldwide destination.

Providers of Innovative Solutions

  • Assuming nothing and challenging everything, we believe that there’s always a better way of doing things. We continuously aim to find better, faster and more efficient and cost-effective ways to serve our clients and partners. We strive to exceed expectations by seeing things differently and doing things differently. We thrive on challenges and work together to turn them into opportunities.

Challengers of Creative Capabilities

  • We have recognised that packaging plays a key part in the marketing of a brand, so we utilise our creative capabilities in a way that creates development opportunities for both ourselves and our customers. This helps us create lasting partnerships with customers, manufacturing partners and service providers alike, ensuring there’s added value for all participants in every interaction.