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rPET Sip Through Lids

Our Go-Pak rPET Sip Lid is both durable and versatile, while providing a high-clarity, quality finish for drinks on the go.

Perfect for secure transportation, this newly designed ‘sip-through’ lid enables you to enjoy your beverage with or without a straw. Ideal for cold brews, milkshakes, soda, iced drinks and more. The 12oz and 16-24oz lids fit our existing rPET tumbler range.

*This product is made with rPET material, however initial stock carries the marking ‘PET’ due to mold modification.  Future stock will be embossed as ‘rPET’.

• Recyclable
• Made with a minimum 30% recycled content
• Made from high-quality, clear rPET
• Use as sip through or with a straw
• Corresponding rPET Tumblers available
• Perfect for cold drinks, milkshakes, soda and more.

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PET Sip Through Lids
Item DescriptionSKU
Brim Diameter (mm)Case SizePallet Quantity
12oz Clear Sip Lid (rPET)R10018931000 (20x50)x30
16-24oz Clear Sip Lid (rPET)R10019981000 (20x50)x24

12oz Clear Sip Lid (rPET)

SKU: R10018

Brim Diameter (mm): 93mm
Case Size: ?????
Pallet Quantity: x1000

16-24oz Clear Sip Lid (rPET)

SKU: R10019

Brim Diameter (mm): 98mm
Case Size: ?????
Pallet Quantity: x1000

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