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PET Lids

Our PET Sipping lid is both durable and provides high clarity and is ideal for ice coffee or fizzy drinks and fit our existing rPET tumbler cup range.

Perfect for transportation, this newly designed sip thru lid enables you to enjoy your beverage with or without a straw.

Item Description:SKU
Brim Diameter (mm)Case SizePallet Quantity
12oz Clear Sip Lid (PET)R10018931000 (20x50)x30
16-24oz Clear Sip Lid (PET)R10019981000 (20x50)x24

12oz Clear Sip Lid (PET)

SKU: R10018

Brim Diameter (mm): 93mm
Case Size: ?????
Pallet Quantity: x1000

16-24oz Clear Sip Lid (PET)

SKU: R10019

Brim Diameter (mm): 98mm
Case Size: ?????
Pallet Quantity: x1000

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