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Compostable Soup Containers & Lids

The latest addition to the Edenware range are these compostable food containers, made with premium white paper and lined with PLA. The PLA (Polylactic acid) lining, which stops the food receptacle from leaking, is derived from plant-based material rather than the traditional plastic linings that come from oil.

  • Stocked in 12 and 16oz in the UK
  • Bespoke sizes available 8, 12, 16, 26, 32oz
  • Eco-friendly Paper PLA lids can be purchased separately
Edenware packaging sustainability
Item Description:SKU
Dimensions (mm)Case SizePallet Quantity
12oz Squat Compostable PLA Soup ContainerB450039620x25x30
16oz Compostable PLA Soup ContainerB450049820x25x24

12oz Squat Single Wall PLA Soup Containers

SKU: B45003

Brim Diameter (mm): 96
Case Size: 20×25
Pallet Quantity: x30

16oz Single Wall PLA Soup Containers

SKU: B45004

Brim Diameter (mm): 98
Case Size: 20×25
Pallet Quantity: x24

12oz Heavy Duty Paper Container

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