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Winner of the Socius Supplier of the Year Award 2018 and 2019

Trusted supplier of products and branded designs to clients internationally

Blue areas indicate Go-Pak Group operation centres, partners and customers.

Why choose Go-Pak?

At the Go-Pak® Group, we understand the importance of first-rate quality standards in everything we do. Our commitment to a stringent quality management program has enabled us to consistently deliver quality products to our customers, whilst sustaining impressive year-on-year growth since formation.

We recognise the BRC Global Standards as the foundation of sustainable quality throughout our products and services; as such are proud that both our UK distribution platform, and plastic manufacturing facility, hold certification to the highest available grades. Following the latest investment in our purpose-built paper cup manufacturing facility, we’re on track to deliver the same outstanding quality to our customers through implementation of the BRC standard.

A Global Player

The Go-Pak Group is a British privately-owned enterprise which consists of 3 operating companies. We specialise in providing disposable products and packaging for the Food Service, Cash & Carry and Retail sectors. Through our expertise in manufacturing, supply chain management, our exceptional quality product offering and outstanding customer service, we aim to provide the best possible solutions to our clients’ needs.

The operating Companies within the Go-Pak Group are as follows:

Go-Pak UK Limited

Go-Pak UK Limited
GoPak Limited

Go-Pak UK was established in February 2009 and has since then undergone numerous expansion projects; now comprising our Bristol-based Head Office and Sharpness-based 10,700m2 Distribution Centre with space for 15,000 pallets.

Go-Pak UK serves the European markets with products made within the Go-Pak Group, or sourced from ‘Best in Class’ overseas manufacturing partners.


Certified Grade ‘AA’ – BRC Storage & Distribution


ISO 9001:2015 certified


ISO 14001:2015 certified

Go-Pak Vietnam Limited (Plastics)

Go pak vietnam plastic
GoPak Vietnam Limited

Go-Pak Vietnam Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Go-Pak UK Limited. Go-Pak Vietnam Limited was established in 2013 and is located in Binh Duong Province, approximately 40 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City.

From this 15,344m2 purpose-built facility comprising of 4 buildings, we manufacture a range of high quality disposable products including plastic cutlery, injection molded drinkware, food platters and serving utensils. This facility, overseen by an experienced Western Management Team who are located on site at the manufacturing facility in Vietnam, gives us the scope to supply high volume customers on a global scale.

With 72 injection moulding machines and the scope to add a further 28 more, Go-Pak Vietnam Limited is strategically positioned for large scale business opportunities, continuing current growth trends with a global focus. We manufacture bespoke products to customers own specification where required, including retail shelf ready packaging solutions.

A core focus of the Go-Pak Group of Companies is to establishing long term, mutually profitable partnerships, while striving to deliver the best value for money.


Certified Grade ‘A’ – BRC IoP


Intertek Ethical Audit certified


Sedex Supplier Member


Large Retailer Supplier Approved

Go-Pak Paper Products Vietnam Limited

Go-Pak Paper Products Vietnam Limited
Go-Pak Paper Products Vietnam Limited

Go-Pak Paper Products Vietnam Limited was formed in 2018 and commenced production in September of the same year, this facility is also located in Binh Duong Province, approximately 40 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City.

As a 100% owned subsidiary of Go-Pak UK Limited, Go-Pak Paper Products Vietnam Limited is a 12,000m2 purpose-built facility comprising of 3 buildings with the capability to manufacture over 100 million units per month, this includes products such as our premium quality single wall paper cups, corrugated ripple cups, double wall cups, soup containers and coffee clutches. Products are manufactured using high quality board and include PE and PLA lined options.

Go-Pak Paper Products Vietnam Limited have a Global customer base and is the largest manufacturer of disposable paper cups and containers in Vietnam.


BRC IoP implementation in progress