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Our Story

Our story

Why choose Go-Pak

We are an award-winning manufacturer that understands the importance of first-rate quality standards in everything we do. We have a stringent quality management programme that has enabled us to consistently deliver quality products to our customers.

Introduction to SCGP

SCG was first established in Thailand in 1913. It not only played a pivotal role in the progress and development of the country, but it is also the largest and oldest cement and building material company in Southeast Asia.

Global network

Go-Pak is about establishing mutually beneficial business partnerships, whilst providing the best products, branded and innovative packaging solutions on an international level.

Meet the team

Find out more about the team that drives Go-Pak including our sales team, sales support and sales order processing, finance, marketing and graphic design.

Community work

Go-Pak is committed to supporting people, groups and organisations in any way we can.

Our ongoing efforts have included donations, sponsorships and support to local sports clubs, individuals and charities.

Certifications and trade organisation

Go-Pak acknowledges the importance and value of being internationally recognised as a certified packaging business. By being accredited to the highest standards, we can ensure we have world-class products, services and systems, ensuring quality, safety and efficiency in all that we do.