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Single-use plastic ban – regional guide

Oct 2, 2023 | News

News Single-use plastic ban – regional guide

How does the single-use plastic ban affect you? With changing rules in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the adjustments can be difficult to follow. Our guide will help you navigate the changes per region and shows a range of alternatives to ensure you are compliant.

plastic cutlery
(including CPLA)
EPS cups and
food containers
Single-use plastic platesSingle-use
plastic bowls
and trays
England1 October 20231 October 20231 October 2023*1 October 2023*
Wales30 October 202330 October 202330 October 2023No ban
ScotlandBanned since 2022Banned since 2022Banned since 2022No ban
Northern IrelandBanned since 2022Banned since 2022No banNo ban
*Unless supplied to another business, or the item is pre-filled packaging or filled at point of sale.

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