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Hospitality is reopening on 12th April

Mar 17, 2021News

Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘️


A virtual celebration today, but with hospitality reopening on 12th April we will once again be able to meet friends & family & raise a glass alfresco. Already venues are being flooded with bookings & many beer gardens across the country have sold out, so now is the perfect time to stock up with Go-Pak’s Pint & Half Pint Tumblers, including our Go-rPET range with 40% recycled content.


PS & PP Shot Glass & Tumblers


We now offer a rPET Pint Tumbler Lid, an ideal addition to our Pint Tumblers and perfect for preventing splashes and spills during serving and transportation, as well protecting the contents from debris and insects.

R10082 Flat rPET Lid No Hole For Pint Tumbler V2

Perfect options for outside drinking & the food to go market.