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Go-Pak brews up its sustainability commitments with the National Cup Recycling Scheme

Feb 19, 2024 | News

News Go-Pak brews up its sustainability commitments with the National Cup Recycling Scheme

​We’re excited to announce Go-Pak’s voluntary membership to the National Cup Recycling Scheme! Now, it’s easier than ever for us to enjoy our favourite hot and cold drinks and drop off used paper cups at dedicated recycling points – in the workplace and on-the-go!

As a manufacturer and supplier of paper cups, we’re committed to ensuring that every cup is disposed of responsibly after use and then collected for recycling. Every cup recycled makes a difference. Despite the availability of dedicated cup recyclers nationwide, there’s still a gap in the proper disposal of cups into the correct bins and shortage of collection for onward recycling.

While many food service retail stores and outlets, such as Costa and McDonald’s, along with establishments like shopping centres and offices, have already implemented dedicated collection points, this will become mandatory by 2025. The takeback scheme will require all businesses with ten or more full-time employees that provide consumers with beverages in fibre-based composite cups filled at the point of sale to have visible bins on their premises for the collection of cups after use. This applies to all paper cups, regardless of their lining or coating.

The National Cup Recycling Scheme is the largest paper cup recycling scheme in the UK, bringing together major retailers, waste management companies, and UK paper mills with the shared goal of expanding the infrastructure necessary to increase the collection and recycling of paper cups in the UK. Launched in April 2018, the scheme involves major retailers collaborating to establish a system for collecting and recycling hot and cold paper cups, including everything from coffee to milkshake cups.

Today cups can be recycled if deposited responsibly in dedicated bins and collected for recycling. We’re eager to partner up to advance our shared ambitions to expand cup collection and recycling schemes. Please reach out to discuss collaboration opportunities.