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Go-Pak Group Expands UK Warehouse Capacity

Apr 24, 2024 | News

News Go-Pak Group Expands UK Warehouse Capacity

We are extremely proud to share this very exciting news with our customers, partners, and network. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has led us to significantly expand our warehouse capabilities.

What does it mean for our current and prospective customers:


  • Warehouse Expansion

    We have recently acquired an additional 58,159 sqft (5,403m²) unit at our Sharpness distribution facility in the UK. This expansion brings our total warehouse space to an impressive 172,045 sqft (15,983m²).


  • Increased Stock Holding

    With this expansion, we can now store over 24,300 pallets of products (previously 16,700). This means larger access to inventory, streamlined operations, and improved service levels for our valued customers.


  • Enhanced Service Levels

    Our growing customer base will benefit immensely. We improve our dispatch system as we transition to a Day 1 – Day 3 model where orders placed before 1pm during working days will be delivered on Day 3.


Customer Benefits:


  • Wider Product Availability

    With more space, we can stock a broader range of products, ensuring you find what you need, when you need it.


  • Implementation of our Green Ticket items

    A Go-Pak Green Ticket item symbolises items that we will never go out of stock, some items we hold up to 14 weeks stock.


  • Faster Turnaround

    Increased storage capacity means quicker order fulfilment, reducing lead times for our customers with our Day 1 for delivery Day 3 model.


  • Reliable Supply Chain

    Our expanded warehouse ensures a robust supply chain, minimising disruptions, and delays.

”My team and I are delighted with this new Warehouse. Many of our planned synergies, productivity enhancements and employee welfare improvements can now be cemented in place with this expansion.  It is another significant milestone in Go-Pak history and our future growth plans.”

Tim Allen

Operations Director, Go-Pak UK

At Go-Pak, we remain committed to delivering exceptional service and quality. Thank you for being part of our journey!