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Children’s Presentation on a Sustainable Future

Dec 3, 2018 | News

News Children’s Presentation on a Sustainable Future

This October Go-Pak UK trialed a new approach in our commitment to a sustainable future. We were delighted to partner up with a local Bristol primary school, where our Quality & Sustainability Manager – George Rumble – delivered a presentation advising on material sustainability and appropriate disposal of products that we supply.

Approximately 60 children of 8 and 9 years of age were present in the school hall eagerly awaiting their surprise guest. In the month building up to the presentation the children had been studying sustainability, as a broad topic, chosen alongside their core syllabus.

I was surprisingly nervous addressing the children. I’m very confident in my knowledge of our products but I did not want to underestimate the ingenious questions that would come my way! The children were excited to recognise the ‘pic n mix’ cups and learn about bagasse being made from sugarcane plants. Fun aside, I was extremely impressed by the understanding of those that participated. Everyone understood that they are using different types of plastics on a daily basis, which is really positive considering ‘education’ (of the consumer) is widely considered one of the most important factors in addressing appropriate waste disposal of the varying materials on the market. It would be great for sustainability and waste management to be a core topic for young children.

George – Go-Pak UK

The children were excited about the mystery guest as we’d kept it a secret who was coming in for the presentation. It was great to see them all behaving well which shows they were engaging with George. So many of the children were eager to share stories, as well as answer questions and ask them in return.  Since the visit the children have completed homework on the presentation and they have remembered lots of information George presented. A big thank you to George & Go-Pak for sparing the time to teach the children something new and exciting.

Jess – Local School KS2 Teacher

Go-Pak UK are really proud to be able to give back to the community we operate from and hope that there are now 60 children in the Bristol area, better educated on the use of disposable items!