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Introduction to SCGP

An introduction to SCGP

Continuous growth

SCG was first established in Thailand in 1913. It not only played a pivotal role in the progress and development of the country, but is also the largest and oldest cement and building material company in Southeast Asia.

Since then, SCG has grown continually and diversified into three core businesses, namely SCG Cement-Building Materials, SCG Chemicals and SCG Packaging (SCGP).  It now operates 56 factories in six countries – Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and UK to provide packaging products and solutions to diverse industries, e.g. food and beverage, electronics, automotive, e-commerce industries.


SCGP has gone from strength to strength

Whilst continually expanding its production base on a domestic and international level.

Now boasting more than 120,000 SKUs of diverse products, it is recognised as the leader in the fully-integrated packaging chain in Southeast Asia and the “Packaging Solutions Provider” that meets the needs of customers.

SCG operates on the basis of social responsibility, sustainability and continued innovation. As part of this family of businesses, Go-Pak can not only continue the great service we provide our customers, but also offer further international support, and a wider product range, for our current and future customers in the UK, Europe and US.

Global Network

As the British subsidiary of SCG Packaging (SCGP), Go-Pak will facilitate full access to all manufacturing facilities across South East Asia including:

Thailand • Vietnam • Malaysia • Philippines • Indonesia

Global network