Community Work

Go-Pak are always passionate about joining with local causes and supporting the good work that is done in and around the areas, whether that be charity or sponsorship we like to get involved and make a difference.

Environmental Support

We have effectively extended the lifespan of numerous products by donating our waste materials to the Children’s Scrapstore, who have re-used them as a creative resource.

These materials have been circulated to a network of children’s service providers and education establishments in support of around 150,00 children in their play and personal development.

More information about the Children’s Scrapstore can be found here:

Charity Involvement

We got in touch with Niamh’s Next Step Charity, a charity that raise money to support the finding of a cure for Neuroblastoma. This illness is a childhood cancer that affects approximately 100 children per year in the UK. There is no Government or NHS funding into the research of finding a cure for this vile cancer. Go-pak wanted to know ways in which we could help though the recourses we have here in our offices and manufacturing facilities. After meeting with the charity and seeing what amazing work they do we decided to design and manufacture 100,000 paper cups and distribute across the UK to our customers who own coffee and sandwich shops. We aren’t charging for these cups to be purchased from ourselves, we just want to raise the awareness as much as we can and spread the word about this great cause.

The design process of this cup was very easy, we simply wanted something clean and very precise. We decided on printing the cup on a double wall gloss 8oz white cup with a simple white and pink text design. Outlining Niamh’s Logo and also having enough information to be informative to a user was our main aim so we decided to add QR codes to the design for more user interaction. Two codes on the design link to external sites within Niamh’s Charity website. One link directs you straight to the Just giving page where customers can simply donate to the charity and give there support in as little or as much as they like while the other link leads you to Niamh’s Story, an inspirational video informing you exactly what happened in Niamh’s life and how she fought for as long as she could against the horrible illness that effects approximately 100 children cases a year!

We are hoping that the awareness we have created within the production of these cups relates to a raise in donations and an influx of support.

Go-pak are looking forward to their future involvement with Niamh’s Next Step Charity and hope our relationship only grows stronger over time!


More information can be found here:

Go-Pak UK Sponsorship

Go-Pak UK has recently began to sponsor Charlie Edwards who is currently English fly weight champion, 2014 Commonwealth Games Representative, European Bronze Medalist , 2x ABA English Elite Champion & Matchroom Pro Boxer 6-0(3ko) English Champion.

We are looking forward to see Charlie’s progress over the next coming years and will hopefully see him through to British and ultimately the World championships.

More information about Charlie can be found here: